P G Sindhi Library is an initiative to make the private library of Late Shri Parmanand Ghanshyamdas available and accessible to all those interested in Sindhi literature and culture. The library consists of books published in India after the Sindhi migration during and after the partition of India. The attempt is to make this metadata available in 3 scripts: Sindhi (also referred to as the Perso-Arabic script), Devanagari, and Roman. This archive is intended at helping: Sindhi community seek information about the trajectories of culture and history through access to Sindhi writing Researchers with an interest in South Asian studies engage with Sindhi literature

Meet the Team!

Omshivaprakash H L

Omshivaprakash is a Digital Archivist, specializing in preserving and promoting the Kannada language and culture. With over 20 years of experience in the IT field, he founded Techfiz Inc and has been instrumental in digitizing various literary and cultural assets. He has also co-founded initiatives such as Sanchaya (a Kannada Language Technology Research & Study Forum), the Sanchi Foundation, and ServantsOfKnowledge initiative. Omshivaprakash's significant contributions to FOSS, Open Knowledge, and Open Access Initiatives have been realized through communities including Wikipedia, Mozilla, Creative Commons, Wordpress, and more. His work reflects a harmonious blend of technology and cultural preservation, illustrating his dedication to community enrichment.

The P G Sindhi Library is hosted with Sanchaya. All the books available on this website have been digitized by the #ServantsOfKnowledge Initiative.

Karan Vanni

Karan has contributed to the inspection of the metadata of the library and also transliterated it into Devanagari and Person-Arabic scripts. He studied Biotechnology and Education as a university student. His various review articles has been published in science journals including one published in South African Journal of Botany on Dioscorea bulbifera but has keen interest in Literature especially Sindhi Literature. Knows Hindi ,English ,Urdu , Punjabi along with Sindhi. His one of the articles has been published in the renowned Sindhi newspaper "The Hindwasi". Born in a Sindhi family where his mother is follower of Sufi poet and grandmother connected to Guru Nanak always interested him in Sufi literature. He is a keen reader of Sindhi Sufi literature. He currently works in a corporate job.

Jyothika Reddy Palli 

Jyothika has overseen uploading the digitized texts to this library website and meticulously entering the metadata around it. She hails from Andhra Pradesh. She is currently pursuing BTech in Computer Science Engineering from SRM University in Amaravati. Over the past 3 years, she has been involved in projects that involve filtering spam emails out from the mailbox using the Naive Bayes technique, and crop yield prediction by LSTM using previous years’ yield data to find a pattern that can be used to predict the yield of upcoming years. Given her passion for using technology to situations that have implications for society, she chose to get involved in this archiving project. She has 3 months of experience as a developer with Salesforce where she customizes the platform for businesses according to client needs by performing some queries and apex code. Her areas of interest include Cloud Computing. In her words, “I am looking for more opportunities  to bring my passion out  and apply my knowledge in a practical way. I am diligent and adaptable to my work, always eager to learn new things.”

Joseph Francis 

Joseph is the brains behind the creatives of the library and its launch at Constructing Personal Archives Public Showcase held at Goethe Institut, Bangalore on 6-7 May 2023. He is a passionate product designer, who finds excitement in discovering problems and creating comprehensive solutions that have a positive impact on those around him. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Product Design from NID Ahmedabad and has a Advertising major from St. Andrew's College, Bandra. In addition to his love for design, Joseph is also an avid fan of analog cameras and enjoys repairing them in his free time. He also likes to unwind by playing video games and hopes to do a stand-up performance someday. With his diverse interests and talents, Joseph is determined to make a difference in the world through his innovative designs. He can be reached via email at [email protected] and @peesauf on Instagram.

Shubham Modgi

Shubham has been helpful on site for the public showcase in Bangalore. He is a multifaceted designer with a passion for creating designs that push boundaries. He completed his Master's degree in Product Design from the prestigious National Institute of Design, where he developed a deep understanding of design thinking and problem-solving. When he is not designing, Shubham can be found indulging in his love for skateboarding, sketching, and creating graffiti art.

Neha Uniyal

Neha, along with Shubham, helped set up the library space at the public showcase in Bangalore. She is a budding graphic designer currently pursuing her Masters in Graphic Design from the National Institute of Design. Her creative journey began with doodling and scribbling, which gradually led her to explore the worlds of architecture and graphic design. Doodling has always been her trusted companion, helping her articulate her thoughts and tell stories of life. With formal education in graphic design, Neha is now able to shape these snippets into captivating designs that convey meaning and purpose.

Soni Wadhwa, The Archivist

Soni is the archivist behind the project. She currently teaches in the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh. She also contributes regularly to Asian Review of Books. As former Joint Director (Research) at Mumbai-based Maritime History Society (established by Western Naval Command, Indian Navy), she worked on Indian maritime history with a focus on Lothal. She has taught UG and PG courses in mass media, literature studies, and digital humanities. Her recent research has been published in journals such as Feminist Theology, cultural geographies, South Asia Research, and SAGE Open. Her book reviews have appeared in South China Morning Post, Full Stop, Scroll, and Deccan Herald, among others.